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Antique Silver napkin rings

Silver napkin rings have been made for over 100 years, with a large variety of styles of decoration available. Traditional practice was to have identical rings on the table in sets of four, six or twelve, but recent trends have moved towards individual items or high quality pairs to create a talking point for guests when entertaining. Styles include engine turned engraving, highly decorative figural pieces or simplistic plain detail. Children are often gifted silver napkin rings, and these little items remain a popular Christening gift today.
Highly decorative pieces can be found from the Victorian period, with embellished chased work, exquisite hand-engraved scenes or as novelty figural items. Throughout the 20th Century, napkin rings have continued to be popular with simpler designs coming to the fore. Sets of twelve unless made to order by one of our silversmiths are particularly hard to find.
  • Vintage napkin rings cost £40 – £200
  • These continue to be a superb gift for older members of the family to buy as mementoes
  • Decide whether you are creating an individual look or uniformity on the table
  • Consider engraving options, particularly if the area is thin
  • Styles and shape varieties are plentiful, so many options are available
  • Pre 1900 examples are scarce and are typically pierced or highly engraved
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