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Vintage & Antique Boxes

Silver boxes are immensely desirable and have been created for over 200 years for a large variety of purposes. Many of the traditional Georgian and Victorian boxes were for Ladies and Gentlemen of the time to carry important items on their person; snuff, sovereigns or even stamps. As the need for those items diminished in the 20th century, jewellery and cigar boxes came to the fore and are one of our most popular requests for presentations and gifts.
Highly decorative pieces can be found from the Victorian period, with embellished chased work, exquisite hand-engraved scenes or as novelty figural items. Vinaigrettes, nutmeg graters and snuff boxes are particularly sought after. Throughout the 20th Century, silver boxes have continued to be popular with simpler designs coming to the fore.
  • Vintage boxes are one of the most collectible items in silver
  • Examples are snuff boxes, vinaigrettes, cigar and cigarette cases, matchbox holders, card holders, stamp boxes
  • Jewellery and trinket boxes are practical and pretty items for the dressing table
  • Consider engraving options, particularly if the area is thin
  • Continental boxes tend to be more decorative in style, particularly around the turn of the 20th Century
  • Condition of chasing and piercing is very important to collectible boxes
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