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Silver menu holders

Silver menu holders have been made for over 100 years, with a large variety of styles of decoration available. Also known by many as placecard holders, these interesting items of antique silverware have been made to delight to entertain in a variety of themes. Serious collectors look at themes (such as animal, nautical or figural) to build up their collection, but they also continue to be popular for those looking to buy to add something more interesting to their dining table. Sets of 6 or more are available in vintage silver, although for larger numbers we have designed and commissioned them with our team of talented silversmiths.
Highly decorative pieces can be found from the Victorian period, with embellished chased work, exquisite hand-engraved scenes or as novelty figural items. Sets of twelve unless made to order by one of our silversmiths are particularly hard to find. In a similar fashion to ANTIQUE SILVER NAPKIN RINGS they are an interesting item to collect in smaller sets to create an unusual dining experience.
  • Vintage menu holders cost £60 – £300
  • Novelty holders, particularly figural and animal themed, command high premiums on the market
  • Decide whether you are creating an individual look or uniformity on the table
  • Styles and shape varieties are plentiful, so many options are available to ‘mix and match’
  • Pre 1900 examples are scarce and are typically with large amounts of decoration
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