Silver Trophies

Silver trophies have been commissioned for a large variety of sporting occasions and events, with each piece being apposite for the winner. With a famous namesake in the motor racing world, we were naturally drawn to providing and sourcing presentation pieces for some of the most significant events on the global stage; including football, rubgy, polo, racing, motor racing, skiing, tennis, yachting and rowing. The range of services we provide include commissioning bespoke pieces, sourcing high quality vintage trophies, and providing trays and armada dishes. 

Plinths, engraving and liveried presentation boxes are all available on request.

  • Vintage napkin rings cost £40 – £200
  • These continue to be a superb gift for older members of the family to buy as mementoes
  • Decide whether you are creating an individual look or uniformity on the table
  • Consider engraving options, particularly if the area is thin
  • Styles and shape varieties are plentiful, so many options are available
  • Pre 1900 examples are scarce and are typically pierced or highly engraved

Vintage and Antique Trophies

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