Silver Partridge Beaker


These beautiful hallmarked silver partridge beakers are a wonderful gift for shooting enthusiasts. This piece is part of a wider collection which includes a choice of 6 different hand cast game birds, which have been mounted on a sterling silver beaker. Each beaker has a beautiful mirror polishing with a gold gilt interior. For the ultimate in luxury gift, we offer a wood case to hold any variation of the 6 different bird cups available. We also offer a wooden case which can hold any 8 bird beakers, and can be engraved with the numbers 1 through to 8, to use as position finders on a shoot. Each individual beaker is supplied in a gift box. For maintenance purposes, the cup should be cleaned after use with hot soapy water and a soft cloth. To prevent the silver from tarnishing, we recommend a regular clean with an impregnated silver cloth.

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Weight125 g
Dimensions100 mm