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Hedgehog All Enamelled


Round, brown and famously covered in spines, the hedgehog is the UK’s most familiar wild animal. They can be spotted in parks and gardens where bushes provide the perfect daytime getaway! The artisans of Saturno pay homage to one of the UK’s best-loved mammals, with this family of 3 sterling silver and enamel hedgehogs. Their stunning brown enamel backcontrast beautifully with their silver faces, to create unique gifts which are highly collectable. Available singularly, or as a family of 3, huge care and attention have been taken at each stage of the manufacturing process to create these sterling silver items of the highest quality. Each product has been lacquered to prevent the silver from tarnishing, and is presented in a gift box.
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Weight 72 g
Dimensions 42 × 27 × 27 mm
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