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Frog All Enamel


To blend and camouflage into the environment, some frogs are muddy brown in color, while the others have spotty skin and bumps to make them look like little clumps of moss or lichen. Our amazing family of 3 sterling silver frogs, with green mottled enamelled bodies and black eyes are handmade by the artisans of Saturno. Available singularly, or as a family of 3, huge care and attention has been taken at each stage of the manufacturing process to create these sterling silver items of the highest quality. From hand casting and polishing, to expertly applied layers of enamelling, these items are unrivaled in quality. Each frog has been lacquered to prevent the silver from tarnishing, and is presented in a gift box. For maintenance purposes, clean occasionally with a soft cloth.
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Weight 44 g
Dimensions 38 × 35 × 20 mm
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