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Penguin Family Huddling


Saturno brings to life a majestic model of a family of 3 Emperor penguins. Most remarkably, colonies of adults and chicks work together to huddle for warmth in the windy conditions of Antarctica. 5,000 or more tightly packed adults and chicks shuffle around, so each takes a turn on the outside of the huddle where it’s cold. Penguins are highly collectible and the attention to detail of this piece is truly outstanding. The piece is made from sterling silver before layers of enamel are applied to create incredible detail. This is a highly skilled process and few companies in the world can achieve this quality. The item is lacquered to prevent the silver from tarnishing and can be kept clean with a regular wipe with a soft cloth. The item carries full UK hallmarks and is supplied in a gift box.
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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 17 × 25 × 50 mm

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