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Gramophone With Grey Tabby Cat


A beautifully crafted gramophone with grey tabby cat green gram made in Silver and enamel. Our popular Saturno range consists of a series of exquisitely hand-crafted silver animal models. Using traditional techniques, the models are perfectly formed in high quality sterling silver, with multiple layers of vitreous enamel carefully applied before the models are fired. To prevent tarnishing, a final layer of lacquer is skillfully applied producing a wonderfully authentic finish. These exquisite models have timeless appeal, the perfect gift that is as unusual as it is unique. The gramophone with grey tabby cat green gram form part of our our inspirational collection of models inspired by the natural world. Please quote ST607 as the general reference for this product for all enquiries. Our selection of solid silver figures can be browsed in our bigger selection of silver animals. If you are unable to find a particular animal listed on the site, please do enquire as we're constantly improving the diversity of the range we offer. GIFT IDEAS: The graduated sizes of the models have inspired many collections bought from us in recent years. The Safari collections, the Wildlife groups, our much-loved pets - all are available wonderfully immortalised in Sterling Silver. SHIPPING: We post items within 2 business days of the placed order.
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Weight 93 g
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 80 mm

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