Silver Animals

Silver animals have been for a wide variety of purposes for over 200 years, with uses ranging from game birds as table decorations, to novelty pepper mustard and pepper pots, to heavy quality stirrup cups and other forms of drinking vessels. In recent years the demand for them has increased, and alongside our highly crafted Silver animals are now the biggest growing market in our business. Many of the processes used to cast the vintage and antique silver animals have continued to the present day, with original patterns tooling and techniques the only way to recreate the artistry of silversmiths of the 19th Century.

  • Vintage silver animals are in significant demand
  • Many older models are Dutch, German or British, made in differing grades of Silver
  • British models are particularly sought after
  • Collectors keep prices buoyant
  • Pre 1850 examples are scarce

British made models are made using the lost wax casting method, resulting in a heavier gauge of silver. European models, particularly German and Dutch examples are made using sand casting techniques.

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Vintage and Antique animals

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