Britannia Heavy Reed Edge Coaster 4.5″


These hallmarked silver wine coasters make the perfect gift for wine lovers. Available in 2 sizes, the plain design, featuring a delicate ‘reeded or ‘thread top’ edge, makes them suitable for any dining table setting. The coasters are a classic piece – created from thick sterling silver, they have been hand made with exquisite polishing, and feature beautiful wooden bases made in American Black Walnut. This beautiful wood is slightly more modern, and certainly more luxurious than mahogany woods which are traditionally used by silversmiths. The heavy gauge of silver used to make these coasters makes them perfect for engraving. Each coaster is presented in one of our signature gift boxes. For maintenance purposes, any wine residue should be wiped off with a damp cloth to protect the natural wood. To prevent the silver from tarnishing, we recommend a regular clean with an impregnated silver cloth.

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